Your business progress. Our IT strategy.

Posted Lamp LLC is a verified expert in IT technology and business processes. We apply an in-depth approach at every operational level to build a successful IT strategy. Aligning businesses and information technologies, we begin by analyzing the company vision and mission, aims and strategy, to identify what steps should be taken to drive the desired business outcome. We also specify the opportunities to use IT tech to support new corporate models. Read more image

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IT Strategy and Consulting

Our custom IT strategies cover the management of corporate software and hardware, cloud tech, networks, procedures and staff.

Web Design

In today’s world, corporate websites are vital for business success. Our capable devs work hard to give our websites the best possible look to impress the target audience. This increases brand recognition and brand loyalty, boosting lead generation.

Online Marketing Counseling

As more and more customers are drawn online, every company requires a strong web presence. We stay up to date with the latest changes in digital marketing. Our DM consultants help expand our business via unique strategies and thorough planning.

Core Audience Research

What is the right core audience? It’s important to not exclude those that do not match the specific criteria. On the contrary, finding our target group means including any audience that are interested in buying from us.

Traffic Research

We analyze the pages to which our direct competitors drive their traffic. This allows us to learn all about the pricing and positioning strategies that we could use in our operations.

Conversion Strategy Planning

Our conversion techniques allow us to add value, deliver an upscale client experience, and attract loyal customers. Corporate staff training, a dynamic pricing approach, and high standards of client service help us increase conversion rates.

Your business progress.
Our IT strategy.

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Lamp LLC

Posted Lamp LLC is a team of ambitious and fresh-thinking IT experts that are 100% goal-oriented. We aim to deliver ideal solutions for our clients and constantly push forward.

We have more than 100 team members, including IT and marketing consulting gurus, core audience and traffic specialists, web designers, coders, analysts, and many more.

Our company combines extensive expertise with innovation to meet the highest business demands.
“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
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