Strategy and Consulting

Each IT strategy is based on a thorough analysis of the corporate mission and goals. Aligning IT tech with business is the key to the most efficient solutions.

The future of IT development is one of the vital factors in strategic planning. We aim to align the tech, systems, processes, and human factor with our corporate business strategy. Posted Lamp’s IT consultants and strategists determine what innovations are vital to our business and what we should adopt. Our vision for the future actuates an extensive analysis of our processes to uncover potential gaps.

At a later stage, we create a roadmap for company development, which includes the major concepts and key points to implement.

Web Design

We want our clients to enjoy their every minute on a website. Our D&D team is tasked with boosting customer loyalty through an appealing design and eliminating all potential bugs or issues.

We work on the overall look, navigation and layout of a website, though content is sometimes also part of the plan. The color scheme, images and fonts are all important to create the right impression. Our content is carefully organized and structured to boost its customer appeal. Tailoring our websites to the core audience is always at the top of our list of priorities.

Online Marketing

We aim to build strong marketing strategies that promote our business goals. Our marketing consultants carry out detailed research of our current place in the market and the core audience to identify our strengths and weaknesses, shortfalls and opportunities.

Boosting sales and generating new leads is made possible with our custom advertising strategies. We identify proper advertising channels to achieve maximum ROI (Google ads, paid advertising on social media, native and video advertising, among many others).

It’s up to our expert consultants to analyze the key performance metrics on our way to higher profits. We establish systems to assess and report the efficiency of our business projects.
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