Core Audience Research

We never pause in our research to specify our target customers, their gender, age, level of education, geolocation, occupation, income, ethnicity, and civil status. This helps us define a basic image of a potential customer along with their routine activities and buying patterns.

Psychographics is our tool of choice when we need to learn more about our core audience to reach them. We gain valuable insights as to the preferences of our potential clients and define the relevant content in our brand communication. Our focus of attention is personalities, values and lifestyles, interests and hobbies.

Our Approach

Posted Lamp LLC is fully committed to the client-focused approach. We make every effort to support a creative and adaptable environment, foster innovative thinkers, and pioneer new ideas in the digital industry.

We put expertise and innovation at the top of our list of priorities, motivating our team to always go above and beyond.

If you’re interested in sharing our vision and partnering up with us, be sure to get in touch with our manager.

Traffic Research

Analyzing the strategies of our competitors is important to further improve traffic acquisition. Our experts research their sources of traffic, top visited pages, and core audiences. We match our performance to that of competing businesses, explore their specific audience, the number of website visits, and user engagement scale.

How do we draw the audiences of our direct competitors? Our team is tasked with exploring the websites visited before and after viewing the competitors’ online spots. Additionally, we identify the most valuable websites for partnership with matching audience criteria.

We extensively explore the flaws of traffic generation approaches by our competitors to avoid mistakes and boost our core audience.

Conversion Strategy Planning

Posted Lamp LLC applies unique methods and a well-structured plan for converting potential clients into viable customers. We aim at moving them through all the steps of our sales funnel, starting from the first contact and finishing with sale.

Analyzing our customer journey, we identify the contact points that enable a conversion. We increase the appeal of such conversion to motivate our customers to take the next funnel step.
version strategies demands a lot of ideas and suggestions to attract a bigger audience

Developing conversion strategies demands a lot of ideas and suggestions to attract a bigger audience.
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